Basement Remodel

Posted by Jaclyn on April 3rd, 2011 filed in Home

In preparation for the arrival of our two new additions, construction to finish our basement began the last weekend in January.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to my dad and my Uncle Jeff for all of their hard work on the project.  My dad has spent countless hours working in our basement over the last few months.  He did all the plumbing, electrical, and heating for us…saving us a boatload of money.  We appreciate it so much and strive to keep the stock of Schwan’s ice cream and IBC black cherry soda up to pay him in black cherry floats.  Uncle Jeff has come several times as well to help Dad with wall construction, sheetrocking, and mudding.  Tony has pitched in a little where he can.  Right now, the ceiling is ready to be sprayed which is scheduled for tomorrow.  Tony and I need to work on selecting paint, carpet and tile so the project can continue.  When this phase is complete we will have a new family room and a lot more space for storage and…TOYS…  Hopefully I can reclaim a small portion of my house from our children.  In the future we plan to incorporate a bar and finish the bathroom.  For now, we’re just excited to have some more living space.

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