Rough Weekend

Posted by Jaclyn on May 8th, 2011 filed in Home, Pregnancy

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this blog!

Unfortunately, our Mother’s Day weekend was far more stressful and anxiety-filled than we would have liked.

Friday morning at 3:00 I woke up with flu-like symptoms and felt sick into the daytime on Friday.  I wasn’t able to keep anything down and I started having too many contractions so I called my doctor.  Of course, it was 2:30 on Friday afternoon, so they sent me to labor and delivery at the hospital for IV fluids.  When I got there I was of the understanding that I would be there for ~2 hours to receive fluids and then I would go home.  They ran some labs and gave me a shot of tributaline to stop the contractions.  The labs came back showing that I had low platelets.  My doctor was immediately concerned that I had HELLP syndrome (a severe form of pre-eclampsia) and called me to tell me I may have to deliver the babies that night, pending a liver function test.  I was admitted to the hospital and had several more tests done.  The liver function came back normal, but the question of why my platelets were low remained (and still does remain, actually).  The threat of immediate delivery seemed gone, at least temporarily, but I was still not allowed to eat until they got more information and confirmed that I wouldn’t be delivering in the next 12 hours.  They started a 24 urine collection and gave me steroid injections to develop the babies lungs.  I had biophysical profiles of the babies by ultrasound and several fetal monitoring sessions as well as monitoring for contractions frequently.  My blood pressure remained normal throughout (with the exception of right after the tributaline injection which made my pulse race like crazy).  By the late evening on Friday night I was feeling fine, beside being extremely hungry and the babies were doing fine throughout.  Saturday was very low key, I had little to no nursing attention and was pretty much waiting for it to have been 24 hours for my urine test and for the second steroid injection and to get more labs drawn in the evening.  The urine test came back with borderline-high protein in my urine and platelet levels seemed stable.  They decided to send me home, but told us to “get our stuff in order” because we should plan to deliver these babies very soon.  I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow for more tests so I guess we are day-to-day at this point.  I am not technically on bedrest, but I was told to take it easy at home which I take to mean that I can take care of my children, but I shouldn’t be working or venturing out much.

I will be 33 weeks tomorrow so, thankfully, if the babies have to be born within the next few weeks the long-term risks are low, but they will definitely spend a few weeks in the hospital if that is the case.  Obviously, that is less than ideal for our family and I was really hoping to bring my babies home with me from the hospital this time. 
Please pray for our family.  We would truly appreciate it.

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