35 week belly update

Posted by Jaclyn on May 26th, 2011 filed in Home, Pregnancy

Twins 35 weeks

Thankfully, we had an uneventful week, pregnancy-wise.  I got a call from my doctor on Monday morning with last Friday’s blood test results: platelet levels are staying stable.  We also discussed the fact that preterm labor is no longer an issue…if I were to go into labor at this point, she wouldn’t stop me.  So although I have been contracting, not isn’t something I have to monitor as closely at this point.  I’m sure I’ll know when the contractions are close enough to indicate active labor.  I go back to the doctor tomorrow and next Wednesday will be our final growth ultrasound.  Thankfully, Tony will be able to go with me this time.  Wednesday is also June 1st which has been my goal date all along.  Although I am very tired, my energy level is very low and my belly is extremely heavy to carry around, I am still thankful to be pregnant.  I have a feeling that after June 1st, or shortly thereafter, my attitude might change as I approach 37 & 38 weeks and the risks continue to go down for the babies and my chances of taking the babies home with us when I’m discharged go up.  My motivation to stay pregnant may go down.  I’m not sure…I’ve never been there before.  I’ve always had to work so hard at staying pregnant.  It would be amazing to get to that stage.  It is coming up SO very soon!




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