Platelets, Platelets, Platelets

Posted by Tony on June 5th, 2011 filed in Pregnancy

That is definitely the buzzword around the end of this pregnancy.  Delivering or NOT delivering the twins has completely centered around Jaclyn’s platelet level in her blood.  Ever since Jaclyn was hospitalized about 4 weeks ago for dehydration, this platelet count level has become center of attention.  If it’s too low, she could become pre-eclamptic and it would be in everyone’s best interest (Jaclyn and the twins) to deliver the babies to avoid any further complications to Jaclyn’s health.  Unfortunately, this platelet level has been its own little roller coaster…causing a whirlwind of emotions for both Jaclyn and I.  One day its normal, one day its borderline low, yada yada yada.

This all came to a head this past Friday.  Jaclyn’s most recent blood draw showed lower than normal platelet levels, so Dr. Syal decided that now was the time to deliver the twins as they were nearing 37 weeks and were far enough along that there was little risk in doing so.  Giddee yup!  Both sets of parents were around to watch over Sophia and Tyler, I was able to leave work, cancel all patients for Saturday and the upcoming week…it’s go time!  We arrived at the hospital a little before 4:30, Jaclyn was prepped for surgery, she got her IV put in, they dropped off the scrubs for me to put on, brought in the anesthesiologist to go over the spinal block procedure and what to expect…we just now waited for the most recent blood draw results to arrive and for Dr. Syal to arrive at the hospital.  Family members were prepped, I put a global message out on facebook, and everyone now waited patiently for the word that our family had now increased by two.  Around 5:30 (just about an hour after we arrived and literally about 20-30 minutes before the c-section) Dr. Syal arrived, mulled over the most recent results (which showed platelets again back to a “normal” level) and came in to our room and told us to GO HOME!!!  WHAT?!?  ARE YOU KIDDING?!?  With platelet levels now normal, there was no medical “reason” for the babies to be delivered and we were to head home and Jaclyn was to return in the morning for more blood work.

Saturday arrives, I go to work with virtually no one on my schedule because we cancelled everyone, and Jaclyn’s morning blood draw showed just slightly lower than normal platelet levels, so she was ordered to not eat or drink for 4 hours and return for yet another blood test.  Once again, we prepared for delivery by packing up everything for a long stay, getting my parents to watch Sophie and Tyler, and again notifying immediate family members that this could be “it”.  This time, the platelet numbers came back almost the same as they did in the morning…but we were once again told to GO HOME.  Now, the doctors are seeing that we are so close to 37 weeks (Monday), that we need to wait til then so that the twins won’t require any “special” treatment afterwards.  So the rollercoaster ride continues….delivery, no delivery, more blood tests.  Jaclyn now gets Sunday off and will return to the hospital again Monday, exactly one week before the actual scheduled c-section at 38 weeks.  In the end, this is all good news for the babies, as they continue to grow and are not in any way in distress through all of this.  Jaclyn has been remarkable through this entire ordeal, but is getting more uncomfortable because of the weight of her belly.  Will Monday be the day?  Only platelets will tell….

Stay tuned

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