Full-Term Babies!!! (37 week belly update)

Posted by Jaclyn on June 6th, 2011 filed in Pregnancy

Twins at 37 weeks

So the platelet chase continues…this morning’s lab results were stable compared to this weekend so I was told to go home again.  Initially the plan was just to come back on Wednesday and check AGAIN.  I was less than thrilled with continuing the pattern of the last week so I asked to speak with my doctor directly.  Our current plan is if Wednesday’s blood draw shows stable numbers that I will deliver on Friday!  YEAH!  Of course, if the numbers are decreasing, I could deliver on Wednesday.  Regardless, our “end date” got moved up by 3 days and that means that, at most, I have one more doctor’s appointment prior to delivering the twins!

Today also marks 37 weeks which is a HUGE milestone in terms of the health of the babies.  Babies born as late as 36 6/7 weeks are called “late pre-term infants” and apparently the hospital protocol for caring for them is drastically different than for full-term babies (babies born at or after 37 weeks).  The doctor and nurses on Saturday made a big deal about this as they encouraged me to go home and cook these babies for a little while longer.  I am still not opposed to doing just that, but the events of the last week have definitely changed my thoughts and feelings.  The nearly daily monitoring and NPO status is intrusive and annoying, not to mention a serious emotional rollercoaster.

We’re almost there!  Only 4 more sleeps…at most! (Hopefully I actually CAN sleep…that’s the tricky part at this stage!)


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