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Posted by Tony on January 13th, 2012 filed in Home

Yah, so ok…having 4 kids at home has made us a bit “lazy” when it comes to updating this blog.  With the advancement of things like ShutterFly, Facebook, etc…the blog has been taken to the back burner unfortunately (not that anyone reads this anyways, right?). 

So here is the bi-annual update 🙂

Sophia and Tyler turned 3 in September, my how time flies.  We once again met the Kelley’s at Wisconsin Dells in early November and the kids enjoyed themselves a little more than the first time…thanks to Aunt Melanie for providing some much needed help and support.  November also saw our first trip as a family to Indiana for Delaney Doffin’s baptism.  We would repeat the trip AGAIN in early December for the Doffin birthdays and to celebrate an early Christmas…let’s just say we are world…ok regional…travelers now. 

Amelia and Crosby are getting bigger by the day…they are 7 months now already (we are averaging 1 post every three months of their life, I guess).  Crosby is already army-crawling every which way and is super close to cutting his first tooth.  Amelia has stayed perfectly content laying on her back, staying still, playing with her toes, and sticking out her tongue.

Over the course of the early 2011 we finished our basement and have just recently furninshed it with a couch and TV, so we spend a majority of our time down there now as the kids have a MUCH larger area to play in to coincide with the ridiculous amounts of toys/games/books that they have.

As far as pictures that used to be posted here, continue checking facebook, shutterfly, etc.  We have to be better on posting them…we continue to take them, just not share them so much 🙂

Talk to you again this summer 🙂

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