Crosby & Amelia near their FIRST birthday (and other news)

Posted by Tony on June 5th, 2012 filed in Home

Ok, I will be the first to admit that we have become VERY slack in updating this site.  With picture upload to facebook easier than on here, we’ve focused most of our energy on uploading pictures to our individual facebook accounts than on here…where you can find almost ALL the pics we took of the Trips.  Over the next little while, I am going to concentrate more on updating THIS site more.

So, some catchup on our lives over the past few months.  I cannot fathom that our little twin wonders, Crosby and Amelia will be ONE on Friday.  It seems like just yesterday they arrived…how fast time flies.  I am LOVING the interaction they are having with their elder siblings…as Tyler has already proven to be the pied piper, getting the two of them to laugh at pretty much anything he does.  There seems to be no jealousy from the older pair to the younger pair, and I hope it stays that way.

April brought us our 3rd Annual Hope in Grace walk.  Despite the TERRIBLE weather, we once again were able to donate $17,000 to the UofM Amplatz Children’s Hospital in Grace’s name for 2 separate funds (pediatric cardiology research and excellence in neonatal nursing).  Over the life of our organization, Hope in Grace has now raised over $54,000…a WONDERFUL accomplishment and all of our friends, family members, and community should be proud.  We are always looking to expand and promote our purpose, so please SPREAD THE WORD!  Ultimately if ONE child benefits from the money we’ve raised, then we have been successful. 

Sophia and Tyler are finishing up their spring swimming lessons this Wednesday.  More and more each day, they are becoming more comfortable around water, getting their face wet/submersed. Tyler is a big fan of wearing goggles, and both he and Sophia LOVE their after-lesson “treat” of Dilly Bars.

We hope all is well with everyone, and sooner or later I will update this site with more PICTURES so you can see just how big Amelia and Crosby have gotten.  Take care.

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